Basler Lacke

Headquartered in Buchs, Switzerland


Markings have to meet various requirements to guide road users safely through the traffic.

Road Marking & Surface Coatings

Basler Lacke is a company of the Berlac Group, a group of companies with global activities, specialised in the development and production of sophisticated solutions for surface coating and plastic dyeing for different branches and applications.

Since 1933, Basler Lacke has been developing and manufacturing its products in Switzerland, with a finely-tuned sixth sense for future trends and a firm commitment to quality. It is a market leader in the manufacture of surface and coating materials for road markings and traffic safety applications, and it pursues an unwavering policy of innovation and flexibility in order to ensure its position in this demanding sector.

As a manufacturer and provider of road marking, flooring and sealing materials to enhance road safety and building protection, Basler Lacke attaches paramount importance to the consistently high quality of its products.