Headquartered in Eysins, Switzerland


The most efficient protection for your most valuable asset: safety, performance and comfort.

Reliable Advanced Fast Fighter Equipment

The development of a novel G-protection System began in 1996 by the Swiss company LSS Life Support System AG (meanwhile G-NIUS Switzerland AG). LSS amassed years of G-protection experience with its first development “Libelle G-Multiplus” flown by the German and Austrian Air Force until recently.

Since 1996, G-NIUS engineers did not rely on tradition but focused on increasing human resistance and mental capacity by facilitating biological functions during flight. G-NIUS developed new materials, techniques and completely re-engineered its new suit as a comfortable underlayer of light, breathable fabric with extreme quick and effective pneumatic muscles. This effectively removed the shortfalls of the liquid filled “Libelle G-Multiplus”. Renamed G-NIUS Pte. Ltd. and headquartered in the Singapore Aeromedical Centre within the Republic of Singapore Air Force building since 2007, the operational activities of the company are handled from G-NIUS Switzerland’s main European office in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. G-NIUS’s exclusive focus is to produce and deliver the most efficient and comfortable pneumatic G-protection System and Aircrew Safety Equipment, outclassing all others.

Air Forces interested in improving safety margins, operational performances, and care for their aircrew’s wellbeing now have a serious option to elevate their standard issued equipment.