Headquartered in Le Noirmont, Switzerland


Geosatis offers a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional penitentiary options and improves offender rehabilitation. It has received numerous awards for its unique and patented technology.


Geosatis is the world’s leading maker of end-to-end electronic monitoring and predictive analytics solutions for the criminal justice system. It and has been focused ever since at revolutionizing the electronic monitoring industry through in-depth understanding of customer’s needs and breakthrough innovations that challenge the status quo and deliver radically better products and services.

1. Patented, solid structure, with optimum quality and reliability.

2. Simple and easy operation, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

3. Latest developments in GPS/Galileo technologies (developed with the European Space Agency).

4. Sensors to understand the activity and behavior of the offender.

5. Victim protection smartphone app (for domestic violence and enforcement of judicial decisions).

6. Comprehensive software platform providing a turnkey solution to cover all aspects of monitoring and rehabilitation.