Headquartered in Biel, Switzerland


A Swiss environmental innovation company.

Even the simplest idea has the potential to meaningfully move the world forward

Gjosa is an environmental innovation company that believes in technology as a driving force to help us build a more sustainable tomorrow. Its team of multidisciplinary professionals is united by one mission: to find ingenious ways to protect water by developing new technologies. 

The company takes its name and inspiration from nature as the word Gjosa is the Icelandic word for “springing up”. The company was incorporated in 2016, after several years of incubation. It has combined the inventiveness of Elmar Mock (co-inventor of the original Swatch) with its Swiss engineering know-how and its entrepreneurial mindset to develop a new technology that is able to reduce water usage by up to 79%.

Gjosa is partnering exclusively with L’Oréal to drastically reduce the water footprint of the hair care industry. Thanks to the Gjosa patented In-Flow® technology, hair care products are now infused directly within the flow: this unique combination delivers a novel experience and allows to rinse shampoo with substantial water and energy savings.